Western Sydney, Australia, 12 - 15 December 2022

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Research Track

Qiang Sun, Wei Liu, Du Huynh and Mark Reynolds. Graph Embeddings for Non-IID Data Feature Representation Learning

Bowen Chen, Yun Sing Koh and Ben Halstead. Measuring Difficulty of Learning using Ensemble Methods

Naureen Naqvi, Sabih Ur Rehman and Md Zahidul Islam. WinDrift: Early Detection of Concept Drift through the use of Corresponding and Hierarchical Time Windows.

Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Eugene Gilmore and René Hexel. Interpretable decisions trees via human-in-the-loop-learning

Han Tai, Raymond Wong and Bing Li. Effective imbalance learning utilizing informative data

Stuart Fitzpatrick, Laurence Park and Oliver Obst. Measuring Content Preservation in Textual Style Transfer

Zhonglin Qu, Yezihalem Tegegne, Simeon Simoff, Paul Keneedy, Daniel Catchpoole and Quang Vinh Nguyen. Enhancing Understandability of Omics Data with SHAP, Embedding Projections and Interactive Visualisations

Krithik Ramesh and Yun Sing Koh. Investigation of Explainability Techniques for Multimodal Transformers

Amit Kumar, Nazanin Esmaili and Massimo Piccardi. A Temperature-Modified Dynamic Embedded Topic Model

Applications Track

Yashodhya Wijesinghe, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li and Qing Zhang. UMLS-Based Question-Answering Approach for Automatic Initial Frailty Assessment

Adam Gabriel Dobrakowski, Andrzej Pacuk, Piotr Sankowski, Marcin Mucha and Paweł Brach. Improving Ads-Profitability Using Traffic-Fingerprints

Cody Christopher, Kristen Moore and David Liebowitz. SchemaDB: Structures in Relational Datasets

Rob Muspratt and Musa Mammadov. Decomposition of Service Level Encoding for Anomaly Detection

Xiao Li, Huizhi Liang, Chris Ryder, Rodney Jones and Zehao Liu. Attractiveness Analysis for Health claims on Food Packages

Ziyu Zhao, Michael Stewart, Wei Liu, Tim French and Melinda Hodkiewicz. Natural Language Query For Technical Knowledge Graph Navigation

Eric Austin, Osmar Zaïane, Christine Largeron and Amine Trabelsi. Hierarchical topic model inference by community discovery on word co-occurrence networks

Sharon Torao Pingi Pingi, Md Abul Bashar and Richi Nayak. A comparative look at the resilience of discriminative and generative classifiers to missing data in longitudinal datasets

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Paper submission: 26 Aug 22
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